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Additional Information Yokohama GEOLANDAR X-MT

Engineered for today's hardcore rock-crawlers, the GEOLANDAR X-MT® demands respect on any trail. Constructed with GEO-SHIELD™ technology, this proud addition to the GEOLANDAR lineup delivers undeniable traction, ruthless performance and the strength required to get you to the top.


  • The high void-to-lug ratio, along with deep side blocks, provides game-changing traction on even the steepest climbs
  • With GEO-SHIELD construction wrapped in a high-density compound, hazardous terrain will never look the same
  • The triple-polymer tread compound produces slow, even wear, extending overall performance the life of the tread
  • Optimized tread pattern reduces pattern noise, providing for a quieter, more comfortable on-road ride home


Part NumberSizeService
11015550135x12.50R17121Q35Black Sidewall0In Stock $597.25
11015550437x12.50R17121Q37Black Sidewall0Low Stock $603.92
11015550537x13.50R17121Q37Black Sidewall0In Stock $684.89
11015550940x13.50R17121Q40Black Sidewall0In Stock $798.80
11015550235x12.50R18123Q35Black Sidewall0In Stock $642.45
11015550637x13.50R18124Q37Black Sidewall0In Stock $768.42
11015551638x13.50R18126Q38Black Sidewall0In Stock $692.09
11015551738x15.50R18128Q38Black Sidewall0In Stock $914.39
11015550335x12.50R20121Q35Black Sidewall0In Stock $712.43
11015550738x13.50R20128Q38Black Sidewall0Low Stock $901.06
11015550838x15.50R20125Q38Black Sidewall0Low Stock $958.11
11015551040x15.50R20128Q40Black Sidewall0Low Stock $1132.25
11015551438x13.50R22126Q38Black Sidewall0Inquire for StockInquire for Price
11015551538x15.50R22128Q38Black Sidewall0Inquire for StockInquire for Price
11015551140x15.50R22128Q40Black Sidewall0In Stock $1028.51
11015551238x13.50R24123Q38Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$1044.07
11015551340x15.50R24128Q40Black Sidewall0Low Stock $1161.15