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Of course, here at Innovative, we modify cars and trucks all day long! However, installing automotive parts and tuning them correctly requires a level of skill and understanding only acquired through decades of hands-on experience. At Innovative, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver absolutely stunning builds that have been built right the first time! We install wheels, tires, suspension, and accessories with extreme care and surgical precision to ensure that unconventional setups can fit on your lifted, lowered, or stock-height ride with little to no drivability interference when you’re on the road, trail, or track. Between our shop and other specialty services we use, we offer a variety of services for your car or truck that you may not find anywhere else! This includes wheel, tire, suspension, and accessory installs, trimming or modification for fitment, alignments, refinishing wheels, milling commercial semi wheels, tire storage, and more! We have been building unconventional setups since day 1 so if you have a crazy idea that you want to bring to life, please contact us!

Standard services

  • Canada Wide Shipping!
  • Wheel and tire installation
  • Wheel and tire mounting and balancing
  • Road Force/optical balancing
  • Offroad bead balancing
  • TPMS Sensor programming
  • Tire Rotation
  • Winter tire studding
  • Suspension install
  • Alignment
  • Automotive maintenance
  • Automotive diagnostic and repair

Specialty services

  • Accessory installs – body, lighting, electrical
  • Suspension adjustment and tuning
  • Seasonal wheel & tire storage*
  • Wheel powder-coating or painting*
  • Wheel milling, notching, and machining*
  • Wheel stripping, repair, and refinishing*
  • Window tint, film, and paint protection*
  • *sent out to our trusted local professionals
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Tire Balancing
Lift Kit Sales & Installation
Tire Repair
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