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Additional Information Hercules Terra Trac M/T

With its distinct, Hi/Lo tread design and increased siping, the Terra Trac M/T delivers extreme-terrain traction when off road, and better handling and a quieter ride on the road. It features scalloped tread blocks to easily scoop away mud and boasts an aggressive camouflage sidewall design guaranteed to turn heads. This modern mud tire is perfect for the weekend warrior just waiting to dig in when the week—and the road—ends.


  • Lower void-to-rubber ratio in the middle of the tread acts like a center rib to promote better handling and a quieter ride
  • High void-to-rubber ratio on the outside of the tire delivers extreme off-road traction
  • Aggressive open shoulder design features scalloped tread blocks for greater traction and mobility on soft surfaces
  • Deep siping improves wet traction and stud pins offer added winter traction and control


Part NumberSizeService
0801031x10.50R15LT109Q31Outlined White Letters0Out of Stock$282.36
0802033x12.50R15LT108Q33Outlined White Letters0Out of Stock$347.10
0803035x12.50R15LT113Q35Outlined White Letters0Out of Stock$347.88
08060LT235/85R16120Q31.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$305.76
08070LT245/75R16120Q30.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$316.68
08090LT265/75R16123Q31.6Outlined White Letters0Low Stock $326.04
08130LT285/75R16126Q32.8Outlined White Letters0Out of Stock$368.16
08180LT305/70R16124Q32.8Outlined White Letters0Out of Stock$387.66
08210LT315/75R16127Q34.6Outlined White Letters0Out of Stock$409.50
08080LT265/70R17121Q31.6Outlined White Letters0Low Stock $354.12
08120LT285/70R17121Q32.7Outlined White Letters0Out of Stock$385.32
08150LT295/70R17121Q33.3Outlined White Letters0Out of Stock$410.28
08170LT305/65R17121Q32.6Outlined White Letters0Out of Stock$380.64
08200LT315/70R17121Q34.4Outlined White Letters0Out of Stock$387.66
0805037x12.50R17LT124P37Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$514.80
08100LT275/65R18123Q32.1Outlined White Letters0Out of Stock$389.22
08110LT275/70R18125Q33.2Outlined White Letters0Low Stock $428.22
08190LT305/70R18126Q34.8Outlined White Letters0Out of Stock$454.74
08140LT295/55R20123P32.8Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$551.46
08160LT305/55R20121Q33.2Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$506.22
0804035x12.50R20LT121Q35Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$524.94
0801537x12.50R20LT126P37Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$511.68
0801337x13.50R20LT127Q37Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$628.68