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Additional Information Hercules Terra Trac HPT

The Terra Trac HPT is a highway all-season SUV/CUV tire, designed for drivers who want excellent on-road comfort, improved wet surface traction and winter performance. The Terra Trac HPT is perfect for the daily commute with all-season drivability through an optimized tread design and durable construction.


  • An optimized tread design reduces noise level and rolling resistance for a more enjoyable ride
  • Semi-open shoulder design improves overall traction performance for a greater grip
  • Heavy density siping and groove combination gains more traction in wet and winter conditions, while reduced stone retention extends tread life
  • Maximized footprint reduces uneven wear for a smooth and steady ride


Part NumberSizeService
98181235/75R15109T28.9Outlined White Letters88000Out of Stock$174.36
98173215/70R16100T27.9Outlined White Letters88000Out of Stock$172.72
98175225/70R16103T28.4Outlined White Letters88000Low Stock $192.37
98176225/75R16104T29.3Outlined White Letters88000In Stock $174.36
98180235/70R16106T29Outlined White Letters88000Out of Stock$186.64
98182235/75R16108T29.9Outlined White Letters88000Out of Stock$192.37
98185245/70R16107T29.5Outlined White Letters88000Out of Stock$195.65
98187245/75R16111T30.5Outlined White Letters88000Out of Stock$204.66
98189255/70R16111T30.1Outlined White Letters88000Low Stock $206.30
98192265/70R16112T30.6Outlined White Letters88000Out of Stock$218.57
98194265/75R16116T31.6Outlined White Letters88000Out of Stock$224.30
98174225/65R17102H28.5Black Sidewall88000Out of Stock$167.82
98178235/65R17104T29Black Sidewall88000Low Stock $199.75
98184245/65R17107T29.5Black Sidewall88000Out of Stock$200.56
98186245/70R17110T30.5Outlined White Letters88000In Stock $213.66
98191265/65R17112T30.6Black Sidewall88000Low Stock $242.31
98193265/70R17115T31.6Black Sidewall88000Out of Stock$233.31
98177235/60R18103H29.1Black Sidewall88000Out of Stock$231.67
98179235/65R18106H30Black Sidewall88000Out of Stock$227.58
98183245/60R18105H29.6Black Sidewall88000Out of Stock$240.68
98188255/65R18111T31.1Black Sidewall88000Out of Stock$243.14
98190265/60R18110T30.5Black Sidewall88000Low Stock $250.50
98197275/65R18116T32.1Black Sidewall88000Out of Stock$264.41
98195275/55R20117H31.9Black Sidewall88000In Stock $246.40
98196275/60R20115H33Black Sidewall88000Out of Stock$273.42