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Additional Information Hercules Terra Trac AT X-Venture

Enjoy the flexibility to choose your adventure with the new Terra Trac AT X-Venture. Whether that means hitting the road or the trail or choosing to do both. Packed with enhanced features, this rugged and willing warrior is equally at home on the road and off, delivering optimized traction on any surface. The Terra Trac AT X-Venture is also designed to be fully prepared to conquer wet or even harsh winter weather conditions like sleet, snow, and ice with its Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS) certification delivering true peace-of-mind. Getting to the adventure is half the story of what makes the Terra Trac AT X-Venture so appealing; it also allows drivers to show their individuality with a dual sidewall and shoulder design. So, if you’re looking for a bold and boundless tire that you can count on to get you there—wherever your there is—venture into the Terra Trac AT X-Venture, and forge ahead.


  • Aggressive Dual Sidewall and Shoulder Design – deep lugs on the sidewall provide an aggressive appearance while the dual sidewall and shoulder design gives drivers a cost-effective way for flexible customization that enhances the individuality of their vehicle
  • Enhanced Profile Shape and Tread Block Formation–supports longevity of treadwear and enhanced vehicle stability when maneuvering both on- and off-road
  • Tusk Grooves – designed to create the perfect void-to-rubber ratio and keep the tread clear of mud and dirt through the support of stone ejector ribs in the tread grooves for all-terrain traction
  • Alternating Shoulder Scallops – built into the shoulder design, this feature allows the tire to dig into tough terrains for increased traction
  • Three Peak Mountain Snowflake Certified - meets required performance criteria in snow testing to be considered severe snow service-rated


Part NumberSizeService
0273330x9.50R15104R30Outlined White Letters100000In Stock $233.90
0273631x10.50R15109R31Outlined White Letters100000In Stock $246.79
02801LT235/75R15104R28.9Outlined White Letters100000In Stock $244.37
02620265/75R16116T31.6Black Sidewall100000Low Stock $243.57
02666LT215/85R16115R30.4Black Sidewall100000Low Stock $264.54
02668LT225/75R16115R29.3Black Sidewall100000In Stock $246.79
02672LT235/85R16120R31.7Black Sidewall100000Low Stock $273.42
02716LT245/75R16120R30.5Outlined White Letters100000In Stock $285.51
02730LT265/70R16121R30.6Outlined White Letters100000Out of Stock$326.64
02724LT265/75R16123R31.6Outlined White Letters100000In Stock $288.73
02697LT285/75R16126R32.8Black Sidewall100000In Stock $325.83
02583255/65R17110T30.1Black Sidewall100000In Stock $260.51
02586255/70R17112T31.1Black Sidewall100000In Stock $261.31
02654255/75R17115T32.1Black Sidewall100000Low Stock $256.48
02590265/65R17112T30.6Black Sidewall100000In Stock $273.42
02670LT235/80R17120R31.8Black Sidewall100000In Stock $291.97
02674LT245/70R17119S30.5Black Sidewall100000In Stock $284.70
02718LT245/75R17121S31.5Outlined White Letters100000Low Stock $310.51
02722LT265/70R17121S31.6Outlined White Letters100000In Stock $311.31
02678LT275/70R17121R32.2Black Sidewall100000Out of Stock$364.55
02695LT285/70R17121S32.7Black Sidewall100000Low Stock $377.46
02699LT315/70R17121S34.4Black Sidewall100000Out of Stock$437.14
02632P285/70R17117T32.7Black Sidewall100000Low Stock $314.55
0270835x12.50R18128Q35Black Sidewall100000In Stock $537.13
02676LT265/65R18122R31.6Black Sidewall100000Out of Stock$349.22
02685LT265/70R18124S32.6Black Sidewall100000In Stock $326.64
02726LT275/65R18123S32.1Outlined White Letters100000In Stock $354.09
02728LT275/70R18125S33.2Outlined White Letters100000In Stock $354.07
02693LT285/65R18125S32.6Black Sidewall100000Low Stock $446.00
0271235x12.50R20125Q35Black Sidewall100000Low Stock $552.46
02683LT265/60R20121R32.5Black Sidewall100000Out of Stock$436.32
02701LT275/55R20120S31.9Black Sidewall100000In Stock $358.90
02704LT275/60R20123S33Black Sidewall100000In Stock $424.80
02687LT275/65R20126S34.1Black Sidewall100000In Stock $416.14
02689LT285/55R20122R32.3Black Sidewall100000Out of Stock$473.43
02706LT285/60R20125S33.5Black Sidewall100000In Stock $461.33
02714LT305/55R20125Q33.2Black Sidewall100000In Stock $557.30