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Additional Information Hercules Terra Trac AT X-Journey

Meet the Terra Trac® AT X-Journey, the all-terrain, all-season tire built to take you from an average day to an anything-but-average getaway. The advanced features and next-gen enhancements engineered into the Terra Trac® AT X-Journey enable a quiet, comfortable ride, enhanced wet traction and increased tread life all while providing confident handling on dirt and gravel-strewn terrains. Best of all, a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS) certification delivers true peace-of-mind in winter weather conditions with peak performance in harsh winter weather driving conditions. Plus, two distinct sidewall and shoulder designs of the Terra Trac® AT X-Journey give drivers the ability for cost-effective customization and to show their individuality depending on the day or the mood. So, if you’re looking for a tire that can confidently take you from the carpool to the campsite—and look great doing it—let your Journey begin.


  • Dual Sidewall and Shoulder Design (buttress)– gives the driver a cost-effective way for flexible customization that enhances the individuality of their vehicle
  • 3D Sipes and Silica tread compound – work in concert to provide exceptional responsive handling in wet weather conditions
  • Circumferential Grooves– support lateral stability and contributes to wet traction by directing water flow through the tread for hydroplaning resistance
  • Sawtooth Edges – enable critical snow-on-snow traction for peace-of-mind in handling harsh winter weather conditions
  • Three Peak Mountain Snowflake Certified - meets required performance criteria in snow testing to be considered severe snow service-rated


Part NumberSizeService
02803235/75R15109T28.9Outlined White Letters100000Low Stock $205.66
02252235/70R16106T29Black Sidewall100000Low Stock $213.73
02557245/75R16111T30.5Black Sidewall100000In Stock $214.53
02584255/70R16111T30.1Black Sidewall100000Out of Stock$236.31
02594265/70R16112T30.6Black Sidewall100000In Stock $243.57
02634225/65R17102H28.5Black Sidewall100000In Stock $242.76
02656235/65R17108H29Black Sidewall100000In Stock $243.57
02636235/75R17109T30.9Black Sidewall100000Low Stock $243.57
02658245/65R17111T29.5Black Sidewall100000In Stock $254.06
02555245/70R17110T30.5Black Sidewall100000In Stock $253.25
02596265/70R17115T31.6Black Sidewall100000In Stock $258.09
02650245/60R18105H29.6Black Sidewall100000In Stock $278.25
02652255/70R18113T32.1Black Sidewall100000In Stock $273.42
02588265/60R18110T30.5Black Sidewall100000In Stock $291.15
02592265/65R18114T31.6Black Sidewall100000Low Stock $297.61
02598265/70R18116T32.6Black Sidewall100000Low Stock $292.76
02628275/65R18116T32.1Black Sidewall100000In Stock $326.64
02664265/50R20111T30.4Black Sidewall100000In Stock $307.28
02660275/55R20117T31.9Black Sidewall100000In Stock $334.71
02624275/60R20115T33Black Sidewall100000In Stock $328.24