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Additional Information Hercules Roadtour Connect PCV

The only thing that connects you to the road is your tires. That’s why durability, reliability, and security in perfect balance mean so much to how your vehicle performs on the road in any driving condition. Hercules Tires’ new Roadtour Connect PCV is the balanced performer you need to keep your vehicle better connected to the road.


  • Optimized Tread Contact Patch - a quieter ride and predictable control while improving fuel efficiency
  • Advanced Tread Compound - promotes increased tread life and enhanced performance in all-season conditions
  • Innovative Tread Design - helps create improved traction, stable handling and confident steering response, even as the tire wears, and expels water and snow, allowing you to be more connected to the road


Part NumberSizeService
04535185/65R1588H24.5Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$121.78
04537195/60R1588H24.2Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$121.78
04538195/65R1591H25Black Sidewall112000In Stock $129.04
04545205/65R1594H25.5Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$140.34
04541205/55R1691V24.9Black Sidewall112000In Stock $154.86
04543205/60R1692V25.7Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$148.41
04547205/65R1695H26.5Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$148.41
04561205/70R1697H27.3Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$163.72
04586215/55R1697H25.3Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$166.95
04551215/60R1695V26.2Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$150.36
04511215/65R1698H27Black Sidewall112000In Stock $148.41
04556225/60R1698H26.6Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$157.27
04573205/50R1793V25.1Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$165.33
04575215/45R1791V24.6Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$183.89
04577215/50R1795V25.5Black Sidewall112000In Stock $186.30
04549215/55R1794V26.3Black Sidewall112000In Stock $180.21
04533215/65R1799T28Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$168.57
04553225/45R1791V25Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$175.83
04581225/50R1798V25.9Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$198.41
04554225/55R1797V26.7Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$196.79
04529225/60R1799H27.6Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$181.47
04507225/65R17102H28.5Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$178.17
04513235/55R1799H27.2Black Sidewall112000In Stock $208.08
04523235/60R17102H28.1Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$192.76
04503235/65R17104H29Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$203.24
04525215/55R1895H27.3Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$195.18
04579225/45R1895V26Black Sidewall112000In Stock $214.53
04557225/50R1895V26.9Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$207.27
04515225/55R1898H27.7Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$218.57
04518225/60R18100H28.6Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$198.41
04539235/45R1894V26.3Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$228.24
04500235/50R1897V27.3Black Sidewall112000In Stock $231.48
04571235/55R18104V28.2Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$216.15
04568235/60R18107V29.1Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$238.73
04527225/55R1999H28.7Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$267.76
04583235/40R1996V26.4Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$267.76
04569235/55R19105V29.2Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$281.48
04563235/55R20102H30.2Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$291.97
04521245/50R20102V29.6Black Sidewall112000Out of Stock$284.70