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Additional Information Hercules Roadtour 455

Available in 33 sizes and in wheel diameters from 14 to 18 inches, the all-season Roadtour 455 offers a high-quality, affordable solution for a wide range of vehicles. Part of the Roadtour Series of touring tires, the Roadtour 455 builds on the family tradition of driving excellence with a modern design that maximizes traction and handling. The Roadtour 455 is a sound choice for all-season peace-of-mind, delivering efficiency and security that makes it the perfect option for more drivers across a wider array of lifestyles and vehicles.


  • Non-directional tread pattern promotes even wear and longer life
  • Strategically placed full-depth siping creates a biting grip and greater stability
  • Optimized four-pitch sequence reduces road noise for a quieter ride
  • Solid center rib delivers crisp handling and driver comfort


Part NumberSizeService
05035185/65R1486H23.5Black Sidewall80000In Stock $97.31
05075185/70R1488T24.2Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$106.08
05080195/70R1491T24.7Black Sidewall80000Low Stock $125.81
05010205/75R1495T26.1Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$121.68
05030185/60R1584H23.7Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$115.69
05040185/65R1588H24.5Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$98.84
05045195/60R1588H24.2Black Sidewall80000Low Stock $110.34
05050195/65R1591H25Black Sidewall80000Low Stock $117.75
05060205/60R1591H24.7Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$117.00
05175205/65R1594H25.5Black Sidewall80000Low Stock $125.01
05090205/70R1596T26.3Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$120.29
05015205/75R1597T27.1Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$128.70
05065215/60R1594H25.2Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$131.82
05070215/65R1596H26Black Sidewall80000Inquire for StockInquire for Price
05140215/70R1598T26.9Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$130.25
05020215/75R15100T27.7Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$137.15
05025235/75R15105T28.9Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$147.11
05055205/55R1691H24.9Black Sidewall80000In Stock $130.25
05085205/60R1692T25.7Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$136.31
05009205/65R1695H26.5Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$141.95
05215215/60R1695H26.2Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$136.31
05095215/65R1698T27Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$134.69
05145215/70R16100T27.9Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$156.30
05235225/60R1698H26.6Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$143.56
05165235/65R16103T28Black Sidewall80000Low Stock $159.37
05185215/55R1794H26.3Black Sidewall80000In Stock $155.55
05120215/65R1799T28Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$154.04
05240225/60R1799H27.6Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$167.75
05041225/65R17102H28.5Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$160.90
05245235/55R1799H27.2Black Sidewall80000Low Stock $187.92
05160235/60R17102T28.1Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$177.44
05170235/65R17104T29Black Sidewall80000Low Stock $184.69
05255225/55R1898H27.7Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$201.63
05250225/60R18100H28.6Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$178.24
05265235/55R18100H28.2Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$199.21