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Additional Information Hercules H/P 4000

The H/P 4000 was developed for dependable performance. This high-quality and affordable tire features a smooth raised white lettered sidewall and comes in all the right sizes for vintage and modern muscle cars. With a timeless look that perfectly accents vintage and muscle cars, these tires provide sure-footed traction under all conditions and are sure to stand out in the crowd.


  • Performance-enhanced tread design for cutting-edge traction in all conditions
  • Large multi-siped tread blocks taper into a rounded shoulder
  • Wide solid center rib delivers high-speed stability and ensures constant rubber-to-road contact


Part NumberSizeService
02824P215/70R1496T25.9Raised White Letters80000Out of Stock$191.95
02826P225/70R1498T26.4Raised White Letters80000Out of Stock$193.57
02782P235/60R1496T25.1Raised White Letters80000Out of Stock$212.11
02798P215/65R1595T26Raised White Letters80000Out of Stock$211.32
02828P215/70R1597T26.9Raised White Letters80000Out of Stock$189.53
02830P225/70R15100T27.4Raised White Letters80000Out of Stock$206.47
02790P235/60R1598T26.1Raised White Letters80000Out of Stock$226.63
02832P235/70R15102T28Raised White Letters80000Low Stock $212.93
02792P245/60R15100T26.6Raised White Letters80000Low Stock $235.51
02794P255/60R15102T27Raised White Letters80000Out of Stock$244.37
02834P255/70R15108T29.1Raised White Letters80000Low Stock $242.76
02796P275/60R15107T28Raised White Letters80000Out of Stock$263.73
02770P295/50R15105S26.6Raised White Letters80000Out of Stock$316.16