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Additional Information Hankook Kinergy XP

Premium All-Season Control and Comfort. Designed for a wide range of sedans and SUVs, Kinergy XP delivers outstanding performance in a variety of weather conditions, enhanced quietness, and reliable longevity with a 75,000-mile treadwear warranty.


  • A new all-season performance compound with advanced silica, which improves wet handling by 6 percent and wet braking by 2 percent, compared to its predecessor
  • Outstanding performance on snowy roads thanks to increased sipe density, 3D sipes, and beveled edges on shoulder grooves that improve snow acceleration by 15 percent and snow braking by 14 percent, compared to its predecessor
  • Treadlife that lasts up to 20 percent longer compared to its predecessor thanks to Convex Tread Radius Technology to provide even tread wear, high flexible materials to maintain flexibility and an optimized foot shape
  • A reduction in cabin noise of up to 5 percent compared to major competitors as a result of knurling technology, expanding shoulder grooves and optimized multi-pitch sequencing to reduce tread pattern noise


Part NumberSizeService
1032024P205/55R1691V24.9Black Sidewall120000In Stock $159.59
1032025P205/60R1692V25.7Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$162.16
1032027P215/60R1695V26.2Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$164.74
1032030P215/45R1791V24.6Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$199.06
1032031P215/50R1795V25.5Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$199.06
1032032P215/55R1794V26.3Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$209.35
1032033P225/45R1794V25Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$210.21
1032035P225/55R1797V26.7Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$215.36
1032039P235/55R1799H27.2Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$218.79
1032045P225/55R1898V27.7Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$223.94
1032046P225/60R18100V28.6Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$204.20
1032049P235/60R18107V29.1Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$244.53
1032051P245/45R18100V26.7Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$269.41
1032017P225/55R1999V28.7Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$259.12
1032018P235/40R1996V26.4Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$298.58
1032021P245/45R19102V27.7Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$304.59
1032014P245/45R2099V28.7Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$332.90
1032015P245/50R20102V29.6Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$298.58
1032016P255/45R20105V29Black Sidewall120000Out of Stock$348.35