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Additional Information Hankook Dynapro XT

Ruggedness meets comfort. Off-road traction built to perform in rugged terrains. No need to be aggressive all the way; enjoy the peacefullness when you are on road. Mileage is significantly enhanced by Promileage technology, which maximizes road contact of tires and evenly distributes forces during acceleration, braking, and cornering.


  • Polygonal center and shoulder blocks with high rigidity provide improved off-road traction and handling
  • Wide zigzag grooves provide added traction off-road and in snow, easily evacuate water and keep stones and mud out of the way
  • 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake qualified for severe snow conditions
  • V-shaped lateral grooves bite the surface for additional off-road and snow grip
  • Arranged by tread pitch variation technology, the optimized pattern reduces noise for a more comfortable ride
  • Cushions between the shoulder blocks relieve impact and absorb noise
  • Beveled edges minimize impact to reduce road noise


Part NumberSizeService
2021367LT235/80R17120R31.8Black Sidewall80000Low Stock $320.03
2021368LT245/75R17121R31.5Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$308.02
2021369LT255/75R17111R32.1Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$297.73
2021370LT255/80R17121R33.1Black Sidewall80000Low Stock $319.18
2021371LT265/70R17121R31.6Black Sidewall80000In Stock $332.90
2021497LT285/70R17121R32.7Black Sidewall80000In Stock $350.92
2021373LT285/75R17121R33.8Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$366.37
2021374LT295/70R17121R33.3Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$416.99
2021498LT315/70R17121R34.4Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$427.28
202150535x12.50R17LT121R35Black Sidewall80000In Stock $445.30
202136637x12.50R17LT124R37Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$524.24
2021499LT275/65R18123R32.1Black Sidewall80000In Stock $380.09
2021501LT275/70R18125R33.2Black Sidewall80000In Stock $360.36
2021500LT285/65R18125R32.6Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$388.67
2021381LT285/75R18129R34.8Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$445.30
2021382LT295/70R18129R34.3Black Sidewall80000Low Stock $402.40
202137633x12.50R18LT122R33Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$497.64
202150635x12.50R18LT128R35Black Sidewall80000In Stock $471.90
2021388LT275/65R20126R34.1Black Sidewall80000In Stock $399.83
2021389LT285/55R20122R32.3Black Sidewall80000Low Stock $513.94
2021390LT295/55R20123R32.8Black Sidewall80000In Stock $533.68
2021391LT295/60R20126R33.9Black Sidewall80000In Stock $522.52
2021392LT295/65R20129R35.1Black Sidewall80000In Stock $485.63
2021393LT305/55R20125R33.2Black Sidewall80000In Stock $548.26
202138433x12.50R20LT119R33Black Sidewall80000In Stock $555.13
202138535x12.50R20LT125R35Black Sidewall80000In Stock $508.79
202138637x12.50R20LT128R37Black Sidewall80000In Stock $566.28
202138737x13.50R20LT128R37Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$552.55
202139433x12.50R22LT114R33Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$611.75
202139535x12.50R22LT121R35Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$641.78
202139637x13.50R22LT128R37Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$636.64