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Additional Information Firestone Destination M/T2

The Firestone Destination MT2 tire is engineered to be tough and perform on-road and off-road. Whether your truck or SUV is treading through dry, wet, or snowy conditions, the Destination MT2 tire is designed to go where the trail takes you.


  • Aggressive sidewall construction for stronger resistance to chips and tears
  • Mud and stone rejectors clear debris from tread
  • Additional biting edges help keep you stable in snowy weather and on slick surfaces


Part NumberSizeService
003493LT235/75R15104Q28.9Outlined White Letters0In Stock $297.44
24550231x10.50R15LT109Q31Outlined White Letters0In Stock $345.77
00346332x11.50R15LT113Q32Outlined White Letters0Out of Stock$407.84
24551933x12.50R15LT108Q33Outlined White Letters0In Stock $422.99
003462LT235/85R16120Q31.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$376.66
245587LT245/75R16120Q30.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$411.55
245604LT265/75R16123Q31.6Outlined White Letters0In Stock $416.42
245621LT285/75R16126Q32.8Outlined White Letters0In Stock $400.69
003461LT315/75R16127Q34.6Black Sidewall0In Stock $487.63
003459LT245/75R17121Q31.5Outlined White Letters0Out of Stock$362.36
245655LT255/75R17111Q32.1Outlined White Letters0Inquire for StockInquire for Price
245723LT265/70R17121Q31.6Outlined White Letters0In Stock $406.69
245740LT285/70R17121Q32.7Black Sidewall0In Stock $451.59
003808LT295/70R17121Q33.3Black Sidewall0In Stock $474.19
245757LT315/70R17121Q34.4Black Sidewall0In Stock $500.50
00381533x12.50R17LT120Q33Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$490.78
00381035x12.50R17LT121Q35Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$523.95
00380337x12.50R17LT124Q37Black Sidewall0Low Stock $556.56
003457LT275/65R18123Q32.1Black Sidewall0In Stock $487.63
245825LT275/70R18125Q33.2Outlined White Letters0In Stock $463.61
245859LT285/65R18125Q32.6Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$529.10
003456LT295/70R18129Q34.3Black Sidewall0In Stock $525.10
00381135x12.50R18LT123Q35Black Sidewall0In Stock $584.30
245927LT275/65R20126Q34.1Black Sidewall0In Stock $555.13
00381333x12.50R20LT114Q33Black Sidewall0In Stock $576.00
00381235x12.50R20LT121Q35Black Sidewall0In Stock $640.93
00380537x13.50R20LT127Q37Black Sidewall0Low Stock $744.46
00381435x12.50R22LT117Q35Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$710.71
00380637x13.50R22LT123Q37Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$810.52