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Additional Information AMP Terrain Attack A/T A

With an off-road attitude and smooth on-road characteristics, the AMP Terrain Attack A/T A is the ultimate adventure tire. The performance tread design features a multi-block pattern that delivers stable control in a wide variety of environments and terrain. With a large selection of sizing and a 40,000 mile warranty, let the Terrain Attack take you on every journey.


  • Unique multi-block tread design ensures smooth ride quality along with superior off road handling and grip
  • Sidewall designed with dual variation lug technology for greatly improved traction in all environments and weather conditions
  • The staggered tread block design was made to improve traction in loose dirt, debris and sand
  • Deep, stepped tread blocks channel dirt, mud, snow, slush and water away from the tire in all weather conditions


Part NumberSizeService
265-7017AMP/CA3265/70R17121S31.6Black Sidewall64000In Stock $248.62
285-7017AMP/CA3285/70R17121R32.7Black Sidewall64000In Stock $277.87
315-7017AMP/CA3315/70R17121R34.4Black Sidewall64000Low Stock $326.62
305-6018AMP/CA3305/60R18124R32.4Black Sidewall64000In Stock $311.99
305-7018AMP/CA3305/70R18126R34.8Black Sidewall64000In Stock $336.37
35-125020AMP/CA335x12.50R20121R35Black Sidewall64000Low Stock $346.12
37-125020AMP/CA337x12.50R20126R37Black Sidewall64000In Stock $396.51
265-5020AMP/CA3265/50R20121S30.4Black Sidewall64000In Stock $263.24
275-5520AMP/CA3275/55R20115S31.9Black Sidewall64000In Stock $282.74
285-5520AMP/CA3285/55R20122S32.3Black Sidewall64000In Stock $292.49
305-5520AMP/CA3305/55R20121S33.2Black Sidewall64000In Stock $331.49
33-125022AMP/CA333x12.50R22121R33Black Sidewall64000Low Stock $360.74
35-125022AMP/CA335x12.50R22122R35Black Sidewall64000In Stock $389.99
305-4022AMP/CA3305/40R22114S31.6Black Sidewall64000In Stock $287.62