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Additional Information AMP Mud Terrain Attack M/T A

The AMP Terrain Attack M/T was designed to perform in the most extreme conditions while offering improved grip and handling for better on-road performance. The 3-ply “A” logo side wall provides biting edges that provide outstanding grip in mud, rock, sand, snow and more. A full range of sizes up to 40 inches tall, the Terrain Attack M/T will conquer anything in its path.


  • Reinforced sidewall boasts “A” logo lug design which provides dynamic biting edges to maintain grip through the most extreme conditions or when airing down tires
  • The deep sipes and distinct channel design significantly increase traction in wet conditions
  • The tread pattern is aggressively designed to remove mud, dirt, snow and debris while keeping continuous contact for superior off road traction and better on-road control
  • The unique shoulder design features a staggered tread block that provides reliable grip in unreliable terrain and consistent traction for better on road performance


Part NumberSizeService
285-7516AMP/CM2LT285/75R16126Q32.8Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$538.50
35-125016AMP/CM235x12.50R16LT126Q35Black Sidewall0Low Stock $639.00
35-125017AMP/CM235x12.50R17125Q35Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$379.99
285-7017AMP/CM2LT275/70R17126Q32.2Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$565.50
37-125017AMP/CM237x12.50R17LT124Q37Black Sidewall0Low Stock $417.99
35-125018AMP/CM235x12.50R18123Q35Black Sidewall0Low Stock $398.99
285-6518AMP/CM2285/65R18125Q32.6Black Sidewall0In Stock $351.49
33-125020AMP/CM233x12.50R20114Q33Black Sidewall0In Stock $365.74
35-115020AMP/CM2F35x11.50R20124Q35Black Sidewall0Inquire for StockInquire for Price
35-125020AMP/CM235x12.50R20121Q35Black Sidewall0In Stock $408.49
37-135020AMP/CM237x13.50R20127Q37Black Sidewall0In Stock $465.49
285-5520AMP/CM2285/55R20125Q32.3Black Sidewall0In Stock $351.49
305-5520AMP/CM2305/55R20121Q33.2Black Sidewall0In Stock $379.99
275-6020AMP/CM2LT275/60R20123Q33Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$669.00
35-115020AMP/CM235x11.50R20LT124Q35Black Sidewall0In Stock $403.74
33-125022AMP/CM233x12.50R22109Q33Black Sidewall0Low Stock $389.49
33-145022AMP/CM2F33x14.50R22117Q33Black Sidewall0In Stock $446.49
35-155022AMP/CM2F35x15.50R22125Q35Black Sidewall0In Stock $493.99
37-135022AMP/CM237x13.50R22123Q37Black Sidewall0In Stock $474.99
325-5022AMP/CM2325/50R22122Q34.8Black Sidewall0In Stock $427.49
35-135022AMP/CM2F35x13.50R22LT117Q35Black Sidewall0Inquire for StockInquire for Price
37-125022AMP/CM2F37x12.50R22LT127Q37Black Sidewall0Low Stock $455.99
33-135024AMP/CM2F33x13.50R24121Q33Black Sidewall0In Stock $436.99
35-135024AMP/CM235x13.50R24118Q35Black Sidewall0In Stock $454.22
37-135024AMP/CM237x13.50R24120Q37Black Sidewall0In Stock $541.49
40-155024AMP/CM240x15.50R24128P40Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$1179.00
35-155024AMP/CM235x15.50R24LT117Q35Black Sidewall0In Stock $508.24
38-155024AMP/CM238x15.50R24LT127Q38Black Sidewall0Low Stock $598.49
33-135026AMP/CM2F33x13.50R26LT117Q33Black Sidewall0In Stock $446.49
35-135026AMP/CM2F35x13.50R26LT117Q35Black Sidewall0In Stock $527.84
37-135026AMP/CM2F37x13.50R26LT117Q37Black Sidewall0In Stock $603.24
38-155026AMP/CM238x15.50R26LT126P38Black Sidewall0In Stock $902.49
37-135028AMP/CM2F37x13.50R28LT114Q37Black Sidewall0In Stock $679.50