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Trail Guide All Terrain

  • 3PMS, All Terrain, All Weather
  • Warranty: 50k Mile
Picture of Trail Guide All Terrain

Additional Information

Multi-Mile Trail Guide All Terrain

The Trail Guide All Terrain is one of the first in the value tier to be approved for severe snow conditions and designated with the USTMA Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS) symbol. Designed to deliver all-weather superior traction for SUVs, pickups and vans both on and off the road. The Trail Guide All Terrain provides exceptional handling while maintaining a comfortable ride, making it the perfect choice to tackle whatever obstacles the elements throw at your vehicle!



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
TGT53235/70R16 106S (29")0
TGT72LT275/70R18 125R (33.2")0
TGT43LT275/65R20 126S (34.1")0
TGT40LT275/65R18 123S (32.1")0
TGT39LT265/75R16 123S (31.6")0
TGT30LT265/70R18 124R (32.6")0
TGT92LT265/70R17 121S (31.6")0
TGT19LT245/75R17 121S (31.5")0
TGT38LT245/75R16 120S (30.5")0
TGT70LT245/70R17 119S (30.5")0
TGT17LT235/85R16 120S (31.7")0
TGT95LT235/80R17 120R (31.8")0
TGT26LT225/75R16 115S (29.3")0
TGT4431x10.50R15LT 109S (31")0
TGT63275/65R18 116T (32.1")0
TGT15275/60R20 115T (33")0
TGT73275/55R20 117T (31.9")0
TGT81265/75R16 116S (31.6")0
TGT87265/70R17 115S (31.6")0
TGT93265/70R16 112T (30.6")0
TGT58265/65R17 112S (30.6")0
TGT79245/75R16 111S (30.5")0
TGT67245/65R17 107S (29.5")0
TGT64235/75R15 109S (28.9")0
TGT83LT285/70R17 121S (32.7")0
TGT88LT285/75R16 126S (32.8")0