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Patagonia A/T R

  • All Season, All Terrain, M+S
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
  • Warranty: 50k Mile
Picture of Patagonia A/T R

Additional Information

Milestar Patagonia A/T R

Designed to balance long-haul on-road mannerisms with off-road toughness, the PATAGONIA A/T R rugged all-terrain tire offers the best of both worlds. Rugged and durable, it incorporates a new tread pattern ready to conquer any condition and all terrains. The feature-rich engineered tread design promotes superior traction on and off the road and during inclement conditions. Offset tread blocks, with an alternating open shoulder design, add biting edges for superior all-weather traction. Staggered step-down grooves provide tread rigidity that enhances driving stability while protecting the tire from stone drilling. Utilizing an advanced cut-and-chip resistant silica-infused tread compound for maximum grip and longer tread life. M+S rated and available in 42 sizes, including popular high-floatation aftermarket sizes, and carrying a 50k mile treadwear warranty, the PATAGONIA A/T R all-terrain tire is ready to kick-start your adventure.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
24552518245/65R17 107T (29.5")0
22110003LT245/70R16 118R (29.5")0
22269013LT245/70R17 119Q (30.5")0
22275051LT245/75R16 120Q (30.5")0
22275512LT245/75R17 121Q (31.5")0
22152110LT265/60R20 121R (32.5")0
22120003LT265/70R16 121R (30.6")0
22810014LT265/70R17 121S (31.6")0
22279045LT265/75R16 123Q (31.6")0
22772506LT275/65R18 123S (32.1")0
22689310LT275/65R20 126Q (34.1")0
22139001LT275/70R17 121R (32.2")0
22797006LT275/70R18 125S (33.2")0
22401506LT285/55R20 122R (32.3")0
22402001LT285/65R18 125S (32.6")0
22688011LT285/70R17 121Q (32.7")0
22789017LT285/75R16 126Q (32.8")0
22789705LT305/55R20 121S (33.2")0
22270049LT235/85R16 120Q (31.7")0
22275610LT235/80R17 120Q (31.8")0
22870004LT235/75R15 104Q (28.9")0
22756007LT225/75R16 115Q (29.3")0
22689103245/70R17 114T (30.5")0
24583306265/60R18 114T (30.5")0
24689014265/65R17 112T (30.6")0
24651004265/65R18 114T (31.6")0
24272016265/70R16 112T (30.6")0
22810015265/70R17 115T (31.6")0
24773010265/75R16 116T (31.6")0
22520005275/55R20 117T (31.9")0
22801004LT315/70R17 121Q (34.4")0
22466007275/60R20 115T (33")0
24695003285/70R17 117T (32.7")0
2228502831x10.50R15LT 109Q (31")0
2222910033x12.50R20LT 114Q (33")0
2222900335x12.50R17LT 121Q (35")0
2222925135x12.50R18LT 123Q (35")0
2222950235x12.50R20LT 121Q (35")0
2205050137x12.50R17LT 124Q (37")0
22860026LT215/85R16 115Q (30.4")0
22772504275/65R18 116T (32.1")0
22143001LT325/60R20 126R (35.4")0