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Nordman Solstice 4

  • 3PMS, All Weather, Winter
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
  • Warranty: 50k Mile
Picture of Nordman Solstice 4

Additional Information

Nokian Nordman Solstice 4

Nordman Solstice 4 all weather tire offers solid performance for all weather conditions. The tire is stable and durable and offers solid winter grip and excellent handling on wet, dry and snowy roads. Made to balance winter traction and summertime handling, Nordman tires roll safely and comfortably through rain, snow, and slush. The sporty all-weather performance is powered by the modern SolsticeTech solutions to take control on the road, while the driver takes control of their direction.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
T432552225/55R19 103V (28.7")0
T432595265/50R20 111V (30.4")0
T432594265/45R20 108V (29.4")0
T432591255/55R20 110V (31")0
T432590255/55R19 111V (30")0
T432588255/50R20 109V (30")0
T432587255/50R19 107V (29")0
T432586255/45R20 105V (29")0
T432585255/40R19 100V (27")0
T432584255/35R19 96V (26")0
T432601275/45R20 110V (29.7")0
T432582245/55R19 103H (29.6")0
T432578245/45R20 103V (28.7")0
T432577245/45R19 102V (27.7")0
T432574245/40R20 99W (27.7")0
T432573245/40R19 98W (26.7")0
T432567235/55R20 102V (30.2")0
T432566235/55R19 105V (29.2")0
T432563235/50R19 103V (28.3")0
T432561235/45R19 99V (27.3")0
T432558235/40R19 96W (26.4")0
T432580245/50R20 102V (29.6")0
T432602275/55R20 113V (31.9")0