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  • NHS, Traction
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
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EFX MotoForce

The MotoForce All-Terrain ATV tire by EFX Performance Tires is the single best upgrade for anyone looking to utilize factory fitments on a new or used ATV. The EFX MotoForce was specifically designed to improve balance, traction and performance on any make/model of ATV. A tough 6-ply bias construction wraps the carcass, ensuring a quality ride on any terrain. The MotoForce has a deep 3/4" lug depth that extends beyond the shoulder into the sidewall for superior sidewall protection from rocks, ruts or hazards. Because of the non-directional tread pattern, the MotoForce boosts performance in fast-paced trail riding and slow torque climbing so that you can make it back to the trail head.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
MF-24-10-1224x10.00R12 (24")2 $200.00
MF-24-8-1224x8.00R12 (24")16 $174.00
MF-25-10-1225x10.00R12 (25")4 $215.00
MF-25-8-1225x8.00R12 (25")16 $192.00
MF-26-10-1426x10.00R14 (26")0 $245.00
MF-26-8-1426x8.00R14 (26")0 $202.00