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  • All Season, Directional, Performance
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Lionhart LH-Four

The long slanted directional tread blocks coupled with the continuous center rib constructed of high performance tread compounds to provide responsive handling, ultra high speed stability and capability! The internal structure includes dual steel belts, polyester plies and reinforced with twin nylon caps in the body of the tire for the utmost in comfort and performance, coupled with a nylon cap in the sidewall for precise road response, handling and stability. Performance, value , safety and price make the Lionhart LH-Four your top choice when replacing your performance tires!



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
LHS41740010205/40R17 84W (23.5")0
LHS41930010265/30R19 93W (25.3")0
LHS41845010245/45R18 100W (26.7")0
LHS41840030245/40R18 97W (25.7")0
LHS41935020245/35R19 93W (25.8")0
LHS41745030235/45R17 97W (25.3")0
LHS41840020235/40R18 95W (25.4")0
LHS41935010235/35R19 91W (25.5")0
LHS41930020275/30R19 96W (25.5")0
LHS41750020225/50R17 98W (25.9")0
LHS41840010225/40R18 92W (25.1")0
LHS42035010225/35R20 90W (26.2")0
LHS42030010225/30R20 85W (25.3")0
LHS41755010215/55R17 98W (26.3")0
LHS41750010215/50R17 95W (25.5")0
LHS41745010215/45R17 91W (24.6")0
LHS41835010215/35R18 84W (23.9")0
LHS41745020225/45R17 94W (25")0
LHS42040010275/40R20 106W (28.7")0