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Mickey Thompson

Sportsman S/R

  • Directional, Performance
Picture of Sportsman S/R

Additional Information

Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R

The Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R is the Undisputed Classic Hot Rod tire. The Sportsman S/R radial is built in our unique “Flamed” tread pattern. The extra wide rears with matching skinny fronts make for the best combination available.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
665124x5.00R15LT 76H (24")0
662631x18.00R20LT 94H (31")0
665631x18.00R15LT 99H (31")0
664431x16.00R15LT 105H (31")0
664330x12.00R15LT 99H (30")0
662529x18.00R20LT 80H (29")0
665529x18.00R15LT 94H (29")0
662029x15.00R20LT 93H (29")0
664229x15.00R15LT 98H (29")0
667928x6.00R17LT 93H (28")0
665733x22.00R15LT 107H (33")0
667828x6.00R15LT 93H (28")0
664128x12.00R15LT 93H (28")0
664028x10.00R15LT 90H (28")0
668026x8.00R18LT 78H (26")0
665026x8.00R15LT 80H (26")0
668226x6.00R18LT 79H (26")0
667726x6.00R17LT 93H (26")0
665226x6.00R15LT 80H (26")0
665426x12.00R15LT 85H (26")0
665326x10.00R15LT 83H (26")0
667128x12.00R18LT 94H (28")0
662733x22.00R20LT 97H (33")0